Gu Qingshan couldn’t help saying, "Do I want to wake up the era?"

July 11, 2024

"They’ve been following you," said the God of War interface.
Gu Qingshan Zheng looked behind him.
Four battle flags floated quietly, and behind him there was a different light.
The God of War interface said, "These are the four eras that have been faithfully following you. Now you can represent one era in the initial awakening of chaos."
Gu Qingshan’s eyes moved from the four battle flags one by one and finally stayed at the lux flag.
The pillar of fire is a miracle and represents a very mysterious era in the past.
It is very harsh to make it cost, and the most precious thing must be paid.
If we can make the price wider …
Gu Qingshan flashed a realization in my heart.
Apostle of Chaos, he has naturally known what to do.
Seeing that he reached out and grabbed the flaming red flag and whispered, "I will summon the chaotic will forever, and you will untie some shackles so that you can get rid of all the rules and get rid of it, and gradually wake up from a poor sleep."
"-wake up!"
The flag suddenly shook, sending out the first light reflecting Gu Qingshan’s face.
a breath
Two interest rates
Three interest rates
The flag hasn’t changed, but the light is a little light.
"That’s it?" Gu Qingshan unbearable way
The God of War said, "This past era has rekindled the flames in the ashes, and its apostles will regain their strength-this is already very good."
"But it doesn’t seem to affect me," Gu Qingshan said.
"There will be-maybe not here" ares interface.
Gu Qingshan slightly wanted to think.
"Don’t they all go to another place-won’t this make it easier for evil spirits to find me?" He hesitated a way
As soon as the voice fell, he suddenly remembered the girl
The girl sitting in the coffin-Xie Shuangyan
"So that’s it," Gu Qingshan said to himself. "It seems that these apostles in the past era have long been hidden in history and quietly waiting for me to help them untie …"
"But there is still a problem."
"What’s this name going to do to me when it’s doomed?"
He can’t think of the answer this time.