Poison elders don’t know what they want to look at the wall. They shake their heads and open their mouths. "Let’s go to the Assassin’s Guild immediately."

July 10, 2024

"Are adults ready for battle?" Asked the hand
"No, I want to apologize to the president of the Assassins’ Guild in person, and give them some gifts by the way, and then talk to the devil about business," said the poison elder.
Hands are quiet.
"Your honor … now all parties must have got the news that we just had a conflict with the Assassins’ Guild. We’ll apologize if it’s detrimental to our evil spirits’ world face …" Someone asked cautiously.
Poison elders a moreover said
"Face is nothing. That sword is worth paying more."
His voice suddenly became cold. "Of course, if the devil is unappreciative, I will have my own means to cure it."
The voice did not fall
The cat on the wall is missing.
It suddenly appeared in the world of evil spirits, and those people were ten meters away.
The orange cat looked at those people with a thoughtful look in her eyes.
These people even rush forward, each holding a life symbol in his hand and releasing a circular defense symbol array together.
Once someone comes near them, they will be sensed by the symbol array immediately.
Although the orange cat can’t understand this symbol array, his accomplishments in array formation are sketchy, and it can be seen that the poison elder is the eye of array formation.
His every move is an idea that can transform this symbol into a very powerful kill array.
Although the self-made orange cat can be invisible, if you rush in and attack, it will inevitably change into a human shape, so that the poison elder will find it at the first time.
Orange Cat quietly followed these people and patiently observed them.
Killing people is not too annoying, killing people is not afraid of being late, and its calm eyes sweep from everyone.
-This group of people in the evil world have different faces and masks of evil spirits.
That is to say, they can release the seed-face spell less in battle.
In addition to the defensive causal law, they also have life symbols and other defensive artifacts.
They seem to be loose, but they actually want to poison the elders. When they think about it, these people can explode with amazing fighting capacity at any time.
It is almost unrealistic to kill them all in a flash.
Unless …
Gu Qingshan deliberated back and forth and finally determined the answer.
-unless they didn’t find themselves from the beginning to the end.
And even if the battle is short, you can’t let them start the character array!
To do this, you must first get rid of the poison elder because he is in control of the whole character array.
Orange cat thought for a long time and silently called several swords in his heart.
"The battle between Luobingli and Tide Sound is mainly supported by me and Shannv. If you encounter an enemy, you will block our meeting and urge the secret sword."
"Good (hum)"
Luo Bingli, Di Jian and Chao Yin Jian should respond together.
"Mountain girl, we may have to adopt a way of fighting that we have never had before." Orange Cat made a sword move toward the Six Realms of Shenshan.
"Yes, I listen to the public," said Shannv.
Her tone is cold and aloof, but it is somewhat clever.
Tangmaogen couldn’t recognize that it was wagging its tail and continued, "You should cooperate with me when I move the sword tactic, because I may not be strong enough to hold the sword in this part for the first time."
"ah? What does it mean to hold a sword in this part for the first time? " The mountain girl was confused.
"Because I can’t expose my body, I will …"
Orange cat explained it in detail.
At last he hammered out all the details.
The group of people in the world of evil spirits have already traveled more than half the distance, and then they will cross two streets to reach the Assassins’ Guild.
The orange cat beat them to the street crossing.