"Ah … this is really … my second brother, the King of the South, has become so … this is not my cousin’s face …"

July 9, 2024

The couple sang together and practiced Lin Yi.
Su Jiner face slightly changed her way "is Lin Yi? How could it be him? Did you see him clearly? "
Qin Dingfang said, "I didn’t see the truth because he changed, but I decided it was him."
Su Jiner was even more annoyed with her. "As the saying goes, you didn’t catch him or see him clearly. It’s beneath you to slander him like this!"
When Qin Duoduo saw Su Jiner’s face changed, she no longer looked embarrassed, but she smiled happily. The conflict between Qin Dingfang and Su Jiner was "dog-eat-dog" for her, and she was happy to watch the drama.
Qin Dingfang saw Su Jiner angry and he changed his face again. "Hehe, Miss Su, don’t be angry and blame me for losing my head. No matter who this bold bastard is, don’t talk about him. Anyway, he is highly toxic and he will die. Even God can’t save him."
Qin Dingfang’s words were like a knife stabbing Su Jiner.
Chapter 50 Sunset Poison (2)
Su Jiner tried to calm herself down.
But my heart is upset.
Is Qin Dingfang deliberately scaring her or is Lin Yi really poisonous? !
Although Su Jiner controlled her emotions, Qin Dingfang got a glimpse of anxiety from her crescent-shaped eyes.
Qin Dingfang a sneer at him in my heart. He came here on purpose to tell Su Jiner about Lin Yi’s poisoning.
He just wants to upset Su Jiner.
Su Jiner smiled faintly. "Although you failed to stop the intruder, the king of Qin poisoned him after all. It’s a miraculous means …"
People in the Jianghu have always been ashamed to treat the three unscrupulous means, and ghosts can hear Su Jiner mocking Qin Dingfang.
Qin Dingfang said, "It’s too much to flatter yourself to deal with the three spammers."
Atmosphere also suddenly seem a little embarrassed.
Su Jiner added, "Alas, I want to stay with the Tibetan king for a few more days, but I’d better go today. The roof of the North House is too low to be used to …"
Su Jiner implied that Qin Dingfang and Qin Duoduo, a clever couple, could certainly hear that people had to bow their heads under the eaves.
Qin Dingfang hoped that Su Jiner would leave earlier, which would not only save him from being a bodhisattva, but also prevent Su Jiner from spying on her.
There is also a need for Su Jiner to leave the North House. If she has any mistakes, it will be him.
Qin Dingfang and his wife were detained for a while and then left first.
After they left, Su Jiner quickly called Zeng Tengyun into the house to tell him what Qin Dingfang had just said and asked Zeng Tengyun to find a way to contact the outside world. She had to find out whether Chu Linyi was really poisoned or she would be restless.
Zeng Tengyun was shocked to hear that Lin Yi was highly toxic. He quickly went to find a way to connect with the outside world.
Is Lin Yi not poisoned in the end?
Lin Yi and Xiao Lian Qin left, and they went to a small mountain village a few miles away, where Xiao Lian Qin had arranged it.
After entering the room, Xiao Lian Qin hurriedly took out a parcel, which was full of wound treatment equipment and medicine. Xiao Lian Qin knew that Lin Yi would be injured in the fight against the North House, and she was ready.
Xiao Liu Qin said to Lin Yi while dealing with the wound, "Lin Xiong is really sorry that we cast a smoke screen late, which made you almost difficult to get away."
Lin Yi dug out the Western Wall of Beifu and saw that Xiao Lianqin had many hands falling to the ground and died, so he knew that there must have been an accident.
Lin Yi said, "What happened?"
It turns out that Xiao Liu Qin learned that Zuo Chaoyang had got away and was preparing to order people to release smoke to help Lin Yi get away, but he didn’t expect the hell-mad ape to suddenly appear and attack them.
Xiao Lian Qin can lead his hand to deal with the hell-mad ape first, but the fighting skill of the hell-mad ape is too strong. Xiao Lian Qin and his hand root are not his opponents, and he was killed by the hell-mad ape in a short time. At that time, Xiao Lian Qin was cold and thought that if she didn’t help him, Lin Yi would be dead.
It’s really a shame that the plan went wrong.
Xiao flow jean worried head ling nie came.
Although Ling Nie lived in a deep mountain cave, he still heard a strange noise.
He went out of the cave to see the direction of the northern government, and all kinds of sounds were even clearer.
Lingnie flew up toward the North House.
As a result, a bunch of people are fighting with Xiao Lian Qin.
At that time, the hellmanian ape-man could be arrogant.
Lingnie, although I don’t know where this group of men in black came from, is regarded as the "enemy" of Lingnie, so Lingnie made a move on the ape …
Xiao Liu Qin told Lin Yi about it again at the end of the day. "I didn’t expect that the’ Silver Magic’ actually came. His martial arts were really terrible. Hell-mad ape was not his opponent, so he fled to the mountain forest to chase him. After they left, I was busy organizing people to cast a smoke screen. Fortunately, you came out. Otherwise, I really don’t know how to explain to my pool …"
"Even if I really don’t come out, it’s a few days. You don’t have to blame yourself. We are all knife-edge people. Maybe something will die. This is also a few days." Lin Yi looked very calm. He laughed again. "Haha, that’ silver magic’ is the nemesis of hell mad apes. This time it’s really thanks to him. Although he doesn’t know where he is, we are right."
Xiao Liu Qin sewed up one wound of Lin Yi and applied medicine, and then treated another wound.
"Yeah, if he’s the enemy, it’s really tricky."
But Lin Yi and Xiao Liu Qin didn’t know that until now, Lingnie was still chasing after the crazy apes in the mountains and forests.
Although the hellish ape belongs to the sea like a fish in the mountains, he is not underestimated in the mountains, and his martial arts is higher than that of the hellish ape. It is really not easy for many hellish apes to get rid of the evil.
Lingnie always talks about it like a cat and mouse, chasing after a panicked hell-mad ape …
Xiao Liu Qin continued to give Lin Yi a monograph on the beating candlelight of the body wound.
Lin Yi looked at her at the moment he really wants to see Xiao Lian Zhen.
See what this strange girl really looks like.