The sword says that the true luck is the power of the four gods. You should be careful and never affect this skill.

July 8, 2024

Can temporarily hold back
Gu Qingshan is still flying.
In the battle of several monsters, he was lucky enough to pass through every battle gap, and occasionally he was gently wiped by various attack shock waves to slow down the falling speed and float around like a leaf.
-but others feel this.
Ring softly
He fell to the ground and the whole person was safe and sick.
The wind blew his body and almost blew him out.
The earth flies forward.
No, this is not the earth, but a body with hundreds of miles of goliath beetles.
Beetle’s extremely high frequency jitter wings struggled to penetrate the sky.
It kept flying and finally left the battlefield full of all kinds of tragic screams behind it.
As soon as the beetle breathed a sigh of relief, a long, thin spike suddenly stuck out from behind, penetrating the carapace once and piercing its body.
"chirp pumping-"
Beetles cry in despair and struggle.
It happened that the place where the spike pierced was near Gu Qingshan.
The violent vibration woke Gu Qingshan.
"Good … noisy …"
He is still in a state of consciousness.
For a second, he staggered and reached for something.
Sword suddenly appeared from the virtual let Gu Qingshan hold.
"Well …"
Gu Qingshan raised his sword and cut it toward the spike!
-to centuries!
Mars interface soul force suddenly jump.
See a dazzling arc sword mans which passes at first.
The slender spike was chopped and quickly disappeared into the void.
If goliath beetles receives amnesty, he will immediately stabilize his body and continue to fly forward.
Gu Qingshan made a sword, shook his head and plopped down the carapace.
He turned over, opened his eyes and looked at the sky silently.