In addition, the muscle strength of worms is also quite resilient, because to drive such a huge body, Lin can learn these words to make it much stronger.

July 7, 2024

There is nothing special about the structure of worms. Although the brain is quite large, there seems to be nothing special. Actually, Lin wants to know the structure of Aztecs.
Lin absorbed a lot of nutrients from the worm and reorganized the whole structure. Lin did not want to’ resurrect’ the creature as before, but used it as a base to make a large number of new arms.
The worm’s mouth is bonded by Lin, and a layer of muscle structure can now be controlled.
Worm carapace is very suitable as a desert base to prevent water leakage and heat. If Lin finds any way to get water, maybe the whole desert can be covered with green carpet …
But let’s talk about it first, and see if there is a lake in other areas of the desert.
Lin first combined a small and flying arm named’ Sower’, which is like a dragonfly with a’ green carpet species’ hidden in its tail, which can be placed in a suitable environment and then grown into a green carpet.
Then Lin created a tentacle-shaped arm for drilling sand, and asked these sand drillers to go deep underground to see if they could find water.
Worm bites have released a large number of seeders, all of whom are disposable arms with extremely low nutrients. In fact, they don’t have much hope for them, but they feel that sand drillers are more likely to find water.
Finally, the worm body is combined into the last creature.
….. Leviathan
In Leviathan combination Lin hesitated.
If you want, Lin can be as big as a worm, but Lin doesn’t think it is necessary to be too big, so the speed of action will not be fast, which is not conducive to the long journey in the desert. It is not the actual worm movement speed in the water. Leviathan usually walks almost the same as the attack speed, which is not the same thing.
….. How big is it? Lin suddenly found a problem when she was thinking. It can’t be made too big or it won’t come out. After all, it’s the length of worm body combination, but it’s no problem, but it can’t be raised. It’s strange if it’s not tall …
It is time-consuming to combine Leviathan until it takes a day and night.
The worm’s mouth slowly hit a new Leviathan and stepped on the sand. Now it has been increased to 43 meters in length and 16 meters in height by Lin. Although it doesn’t feel much increase, the’ equipment’ has been updated a lot. It is covered with worms’ heat-resistant carapace and replaced with muscle cells with strong toughness.
Now Leviathan has the ability to cross the desert, and Lin is hoping that it will find a truly livable area instead of a small lake like this one.
But where should we go?
Chapter 12 The Green End
Lin has completely lost her sense of direction in the face of the vast desert and lost the worm as a’ guide’
But the worm has to be killed, or it will keep secreting acid until it can melt Leviathan.
But Lynn doesn’t want to stay in this lake. She always doesn’t like small places. The water here doesn’t know when it will run out, so everything will disappear in an instant.
The purpose of the worm is definitely not here. Lin doesn’t think that such a big creature will live in a small lake that may disappear at any time. It should have a bigger goal.
Lin doesn’t know how the worm locates, because it doesn’t have magnets in its head. It has either been there or has strong perception. Lin found that the worm’s perception is not very strong, so it must have been remembered.
But which way should we go? Okay, I came by feeling.
Lin Leviathan’s back is combined with a special kind of tentacles, which are mainly made up of sensitive olfactory system and are used to smell the tiny water droplets, so that we can know the direction of water recently.
Leviathan swayed around the tentacle worm, and Lynn felt the moisture in the air.
….. There seems to be more smell here.
Leviathan walked along the smell to the northwest, and suddenly Lin felt as if her foot had hit something. When she stretched out her eyeball tentacles, she found that it was scorpion fragments spit out before the worm.
….. Scorpion? Speaking of which, scorpions should not be desert creatures, but wander in the desert looking for water and prey to live, right? These creatures should also have some positioning methods …
Maybe we can find something.
Lin scorpion rummaged through the debris pile, but this desert scorpion was too damaged to find anything.
Hmm … Are you still on your own?
Leviathan looked at the last piece of scorpion shell with his tentacles. Just when Lynn wanted to throw it away, she suddenly found something stuck on the back of the piece.
Lin put the debris in the sand and found that it was more than a dozen white spheres, each with a diameter of three centimeters. These things were not melted by the worm solution.
These are obviously desert scorpion eggs. Although they look fine on the outside, they are probably all dead.
When Lin was thinking that way, suddenly an egg shell cracked, and a small scorpion that looked exactly like a large desert scorpion emerged from the inside.
Still alive? Lin felt a little surprised. It looked at these egg shells and actually cracked one after another, from which a large group of scorpions emerged.
They didn’t run anywhere after they were born, but climbed along Leviathan’s legs and climbed to Leviathan’s body.
What is this for? Did you mistake Leviathan for a scorpion?
This is interesting. Maybe big scorpions usually carry small scorpions like this. Maybe these small scorpions can find water.
….. it seems that they won’t. Do they lie on Leviathan’s carapace and do nothing? Lynn still has to find it by herself.
Waving tentacles again, Lin felt the breath in the air.
As a hot desert wind blew through Lin, I finally smelled a smell, which was not water but had a plant smell.
I don’t know what kind of plant it is, but there is obviously life in that direction.
Then let’s go. The worm shell is left here. This small lake base, Leviathan, goes to the direction of smell to find a really suitable place to live!
Thinking that Leviathan turned his body to the target, there was a crack in the carapace on both sides of his body, and two pairs of huge wings protruded from the crack.
This is a dragonfly-like membrane wing made by Leviathan specially for Lin. The wingspan can reach 6 meters, and each wing is equivalent to Leviathan’s length. Leviathan can be folded in a soft form at ordinary times. When it is stretched into the air, it will gradually harden into giant wings that can drive Leviathan to fly!
Lin waved these two pairs of wings, flapping the giant wings, and the dust filled the wind. Leviathan, the little scorpions, hugged his back and seemed to know what would happen next.
But nothing happened …