It’s no use having insufficient resources.

July 6, 2024

He is also calm and impatient, but he is also thinking about the way to break the game.
Finally, he found that he had to kill the monster who had been having a hard time with him first, otherwise everything would be useless.
The God-given Lord who hides behind his hand naturally sees that he is a waste, and he can turn the other side into a corpse with one sword.
And then ….. this monster can’t be killed. Every time he is on the verge of death, he will burst into a powerful force to delay him and be treated.
You’re already at a disadvantage.
Because of the evil resin knight … A large number of goblins surrounded him regardless of the siege.
He is likely to be consumed to death by it.
Chapter 45 Plot Supplement (Epic)
It turns out that the saying that one hero helps three is quite sincere.
Relying on a large number of crazy blood monsters to pile up is to pile up this powerful undead knight.
The remaining skeleton soldiers and walkers lost each other’s offensive and defensive blessings and completely became waste, which was killed by the mad blood monster.
"A brilliant victory, you gained experience."
[You lost 16 mad blood monsters]
[You searched for it]
[General resources …]
[Special resources …]
[Gold coin ×4]
[Integral× 4]
[You got a golden treasure chest (hero)]
[You have completed the advanced level, and your Lord talent has gained a sublimation]
"I! ! !”
Qin Mu Ye choked back swearing. He found that he had not received this 120,000 experience but advanced it.
That’s not the point. The point is that the magic blood directly rose from level 9 to level 13 with these 74 points of experience, and it was not stuck at level 1 like Qin Mu Ye. Besides, the evil words also rose from level 5 to level 11.
That is to say, he alone got a level 1 card.
Obviously, because of the judgment reason, the battle was completed first, then the experience arrived, and then the advanced judgment was completed. However, when the experience arrived, the experience value of Qin Mu Ye was locked, so it was directly scrapped.
He also wanted to go and find a wild monster to brush casually, but unfortunately there are no wild monsters around, and he can’t even brush if he wants to.
Fortunately, for Qin Mu Ye, experience is the cheapest thing. I didn’t see that the two geeks surpassed Qin Mu Ye by 74 experience, and it was easy to rise when they did activities in the week.
Now it’s natural to see what your Lord talent is first.
【 Increase the experience value by 1% when learning ability gains experience 】
[Knowledge at each level of academic research+5]
"Lying trough? Hey ~ it’ s just a 120,000 experience. I don’ t want it! "
Seeing that his natural knowledge attribute was directly corrected at 4 o’clock, his knowledge attribute rose to 61 points.
The talent of academic research is not to give 1 point of knowledge when upgrading, but to increase 1 point of knowledge at level 1. Now it is 5 points, which is equivalent to adding that kind of passive skill upgrade. If his level falls, his knowledge attribute will also fall.
Both talents have experienced a qualitative horror, and now his ability to study is extremely negative.
No wonder his career as a scholar is so close because of his natural needs to grow up.
"How strong is the talent of the Lord’s body after the ranking has been sublimated twice?"
There is a high probability that the talents of other lords will not be auxiliary like Qin Mu Ye.
Then I looked at the magic blood and evil words. In addition to the increase in attributes, their skills are important.
Magic Blood rose to level 4 and gained 4 skills.
[The intermediate resistance is reduced by 1%, and it is benefited and damaged by magic]
[Intermediate pathfinding reduces the influence of terrain on mobility by 2%]
[Primary Logistics Skill increases the hero’s land mobility by 1%]
[Intermediate Logistics Skill increases the hero’s land mobility by 2%]
The four skills directly raised all his skills to the intermediate level.
And evil words are similar, but he got six skills by upgrading to level 6.
[Intermediate Wisdom allows you to learn level 4 magic]
[Primary Spiritualism: 1% of enemy troops killed in battle become their own skeletons]
[Intermediate spiritualism: 2% of enemy troops killed in battle become their own skeletons]
[Magic limit of intermediate intelligence hero increased by 2%]
[Primary archery ranged troops+1% damage]
[Intermediate archery ranged troops+2% damage]
Evil language has learned Qin Mu Ye’s obsession with spiritualism, so he can have a dead drudge.
But soon he reacted to one thing, that is, the red wind plain is full of undead roots, so there is no living thing. How can he be spiritualized by living things?
But it’s okay. You have to get it sooner or later
"It seems that the first-order and second-order skills are the highest, that is, intermediate and not advanced?"
I’ve risen so many levels at once, but I still don’t have advanced skills. If there are advanced skills, magic blood and evil words must be the first time to choose advanced skills
【 Lord/Scholar LV1(/175) 】
[Magic Blood LV13(136/274)]
【 Evil Language LV11(54/26) 】
I don’t have much experience, but the problem is that there are not so many wild monsters to brush for him. After all, he is still relatively safe here, but it is a pity that resources are insufficient.
Qin Mu Ye asked the magic blood to help him hit the gold treasure chest. He was too hip to carry this black hand.