Gu Qingshan was glimpsed inexplicably, and a chill could not help but rise in my heart, but at this moment it was not good to ask questions and temporarily restrain my doubts.

July 5, 2024

The magic emperor’s expression became awe-inspiring and he read a spell in his mouth.
See a layer of gray barrier will it and Gu Qingshan shrouded will be two people isolated from the outside world.
"Six secrets … the most ridiculous thing to say is that Wang Jiagang, who claims to be extinct forever, has been broken so many times and failed to master the six secrets." The magic emperor quipped.
Gu Qingshan Road "Please go on"
The magic emperor seemed to think of something deep and laughed.
"In fact, the whole of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma is a seal art, and the power of this art is beyond everyone’s cognition, but no one can understand this art," it said
"art?" Gu Qingshan repeated
"The power of this seal is so beyond imagination that the six worlds sealed by it will gradually return to their original state even if they are broken several times," said the magic emperor.
Gu Qingshan said, "Then the king will destroy The six great divisions in the wheel of karma forever-"
"The seal will only appear when it is broken because of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma-it will give off power to make all six pieces of the world heal, and it will become complete again one day even after thousands of years."
When the magic emperor said this, he couldn’t help but exclaim, "That’s a terrible seal. I’m also good at cracking seals, but I felt small for the first time before six seals."
"The secret is six seals?" Gu Qingshan asked
"Yes, I have told you the secret information completely now. You can go and see it yourself when the six roads are broken," said the magic emperor.
Gu Qingshan fell silent.
For a long time, he always felt that the six secrets were covered by the fog, and he could not see any real outline.
But at the moment he suddenly remembered many things.
Past scenes flashed through his heart as if to connect into a line-
It was the eternal king who once said that
"… I’m the most poor person in the world. I’m here to take the skill contained in The six great divisions in the wheel of karma-only it deserves my identity."
Seal printing
Sealed what? Is it really six lanes?
Another scene flashed from Gu Qingshan’s memory-
A fairy gate tower stands in front of the road, and several big characters are etched in the center of the virtual gate tower.
"Qunxian Gate"
A mighty man dressed in golden armor and holding a square-painted halberd looked into the distance and shouted, "How dare I be presumptuous with this evil spirit!"
A harsh sound sounded far away.
"Your time is over. In the future, you guys will be reduced to sentient beings and will be scattered into six categories."
There is nothing wrong.
The six great divisions in the wheel of karma is indeed a seal!
It seals an unknown text, which will be scattered into six categories. No matter how people break The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, The six great divisions in the wheel of karma will recover again!
Gu Qingshan couldn’t help but burst into a shudder.
-seal the number of sentient beings, so that the soul living in the closed six worlds will wander in the eternal life and death, and the six roads will suffer forever.