The molten slurry falls everywhere and splashes everywhere, and then it is completely extinguished into ash and falls away rapidly.

July 4, 2024

Blowing an arrow contains three forces: penetration, crushing and death. It is the most lethal attack means among all mercenaries. Once it hits the target, it will cause considerable damage.
The monster immediately gave a long angry roar.
"Who is behind me? I want to find you and tear you apart! "
It gave up Gu Qingshan’s entanglement and anger to find Hakulu.
Ha kuru looked Gu Qingshan as he fled.
See Gu Qingshan indifferent in heaven.
Ha kuru secretly bitten to grind.
Self-defense ability is the most fragile, and it is necessary for others to disperse fire for themselves.
-this Jian Xiu promised that once he released the super attack monster, he would never chase him.
But now he has done nothing there.
Is it a lie?
Hakulu was thinking that things had changed again.
The doomsday monster suddenly stopped.
He thought for a moment and buzzed in his mouth, "Let’s kill your gods first so that you can fight!" "
The doomsday monster turned towards Gu Qingshan again.
Ha kuru for a stay.
Why did this monster suddenly change his mind again?
Four swords filled the air like flowing water and flashed rapidly to meet the monster.
Sword mans flashing endlessly clean wield chop the doomsday monster body.
The doomsday monster roared and struggled to support and speed up the pursuit.
Gu Qingshan idles away and goes back, holding a dark flame with his hands scattered behind his back.
He threw the dark flame out by throwing it.
The dark flame smashed the doomsday monster like a meteorite, and it exploded into a towering flame.
Knock! Knock! Knock!
The doomsday monster took a few steps back and collapsed.
The bottle spell master Heisuo exclaimed.
"No, your dark fire is so destructive that I can’t support the whole foggy world!"
Everyone was nervous and accelerated the attack speed.
Once the fog disappears, whoever the doomsday monster sees will die!
Gu Qingshan looked down at the end of the monster heart slightly zheng.
-your own lethality has reached this level?
Su Xueer sent herself to the future, not only to restore the strength of the past key, but also to strengthen her lethality.
There will be few living people in the future!
He once again picked up a flame of death from the void.
"There are ten seconds!" Hesse shouted.
They looked at Gu Qingshan.
Is it escape? Or continue to kill?
Gu Qingshan glanced at the monster and ordered, "Stop it!"
He threw out the flame of death and then waved and held the sword.
"Land sword, your holy land, my secret sword"
"Good" sword om replied.
Black fire hit the monster and burst into flames again.
The whole ground is deeply sunken and melted by the black fire, and the molten slurry falls with the doomsday monster to the depths of the earth.
Gu Qingshan clenched his sword and pointed at the monster.
-the secret sword torrent!
-to blade master!
But I saw countless sword awns in the sky, and they gathered together and roared like a galaxy.
This sword is 1,100 times as heavy as the doomsday monster, and each sword awn can directly blow it away by force alone.
However, these swords and awns converge into a torrent, which pours like a river.
It’s irresistible!
The roar of that monster was cover by a deafening roar.
The earth was broken down by this sword, and cracks wound and flew in all directions.
Molten slurry splash
The earth shakes and the mountains shake!
The wind kept blowing, and Gu Qingshan’s eyes moved to the virtual space in front of him.
A line of fireflies pops up in the ares interface.
"You killed the doomsday monster, the meteor destroyer."
"You have gained 19,999 points of soul power."
Gu Qingshan hurriedly asked, "How come there are not even 20,000 points?"
The interface of God of War replied, "This doomsday monster is really strong for mortals, but what is your status now? What strength? "
Two hundred points, soul force, and no mercy.