Feiyue said, "All these people around me will join me in the world of evil spirits."

July 3, 2024

The other side fell silent.
Feiyue sneered and said, "It’s a shame that no one around me has entered the world of evil spirits like a loner."
"-if you don’t promise, kill us all in the end."
She couldn’t get out after she finished these things.
They were all worried about flying to the moon.
The blind nun said, "It’s okay. The evil spirits have been coveting the moon for so many years, and they won’t give up because of this trivial matter. They will definitely agree to it with conditions."
A moment old voice rang again.
"I can promise you, but I hope you also remember that you are here to complete the wedding ceremony. Please don’t do unnecessary things, so the scene will be ten thousand times more miserable than death."
Flying to the moon "no problem"
Then she made a gesture.
The blind nun urged, "Hurry up and help Feiyue complete the disguise immediately according to our previous plan!"
The powerful men have stepped forward to fly to the moon, and the prepared skills will gradually become another person.
The crow flies across the moon and watches her turn into a maid in the Lord’s house, while he himself turns into a woman from the outside.
-it’s like flying to the moon.
Virtual large array outside gradually disappear old sound with a smile to say
"Welcome to Lord Feiyue!"
Before the maid left silently, she gently held the crow’s hand in a telepathic way and said, "Yes-crow, you should pay attention to your image and protect me-I just spent too much energy and feel a little weak temporarily."
Crow stood tall and smiled gently. "Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the back."
The maid gave him a look, her face full of exhaustion.
-Let the time go backwards a little.
When Gu Qingshan was about to leave the international flying moon, he solemnly pulled out a few black silk threads and tied them to Gu Qingshan’s arm.
"Gu Qingshan don’t listen to me carefully."
The sound of flying moon sounded in Gu Qingshan’s knowledge of the sea
"The evil spirits have been waiting for us for a long time, and even if the name of marriage has passed, it is bound to be watched and it is very difficult to do something."
"And you have mastered the secret of destiny and are out of the sight of evil spirits. You are our only hope."
"I will lend you my most important strength, and it will certainly help you."
"If you can, don’t save us, just kill the whole evil world as you told me."
Say that finish black silk thread into Gu Qingshan arm disappear.
Gu Qingshan made some sleep and looked at the small print in the virtual space and said,
"Thank you for believing in me."
Feiyue watched Gu Qingshan Avenue deeply. "I wrapped my destiny around him so that we could call each other."
Others look as usual.
Everyone, it’s really like Feiyue saying that it’s to contact each other, and the operation method naturally has no meaning.
Gu Qingshan immediately disappeared.
-Only the blind nun’s eyes above her head stared at the flying moon.
Sister body fibrillation fibrillation hurriedly track
"You gave him the fate ability? Isn’t this killing him? "
Feiyue’s expression is faint. "He is a man who will never surrender."
The blind nun asked, "How do you know you can’t go wrong?"
Feiyue said, "Because I have secretly seen some of his past, he is the master of heaven and earth, and so is … it can’t be wrong to always give it to him."
I don’t know what to think, but her eyes are full of memories.
The two men met for the first time in a red brick hut in Fluttershy.