Gu Qingshan hesitate "the most original way? What’s that? "

July 1, 2024

Xie Daoling did not respond.
Gu Qingshan, etc. Don’t come to respond naturally. Some caution.
"Ladies and gentlemen … BM, what conditions do you have?" Gu Qingshan asked
"We want to get married in order to trust each other better," said a beastmaster.
"Marriage?" Gu Qingshan surprised way
It was the original way!
Shanhai Qixia face a panic hurriedly way "Gu Qingshan this I really don’t know"
Gu Qingshan shook his head at her and asked the other side, "How are you going to get married?"
The Beastmaster said, "Gu Qingshan, we have heard from Shan Hai Qixia that you are a good person and you have done many great things to get this marriage honor."
The beastmasters across the street let a gentle and graceful figure stay in the center of Gu Qingshan’s sight.
The figure took off its hat.
Wild thorn maiden
Yes, this is a famous female pig demon!
Its thick waist full of strange charm;
Fierce and peerless wild eyes;
Hoof as hard as blades;
Cute and cute stupid pig nose;
It has proved how popular it is among the BM clan!
At the same time, the BM also gushed, "Gu Qingshan deserves the respect of our BM family only because of you, and only because of you deserves our most beautiful princess in Leng Yan. Now let’s get married."
Gu Qingshan looked to see the pig demon three meters high and three meters wide, but the floor was cracked.
"No, I don’t deserve it" Gu Qingshan primly said.
The atmosphere at the scene suddenly changed
"eh? You said you didn’t deserve it? Don’t you want to accept our fellow beastmasters? " Beastmasters roar asked.
Don’t wait for Gu Qingshan to talk. Xie Daoling finally sounded again.
"There are two ways for disciples to make the BM family accept you. One is to marry and the other is to beat them."
Gu Qingshan was relieved. "Master, why didn’t you say earlier that I was still nervous?" He complained.
"I have presided over six major events in the past, and I have never spent my free time in the mortal world. I have always heard about everything about him and never seen it with my own eyes-this time I finally saw what marriage is about." Xie Daoling explained with a hint of satisfaction in his tone.
Gu Qingshan is silent.
-so you are ready to watch your joke just now.
This is a bit too much.
Alas, the past master was a little naughty and erratic in his actions.
Or the most reliable master in this world.
Gu Qingshan secretly thinking
The other side of the human world
Another city