In a daze, she fell asleep again, and when she woke up, she found that the back of her hand had urged a drip.

June 30, 2024

He caught a glimpse of the man sitting on the sofa.
The man may have felt her eyes buried in her notebook and lifted up and looked at her side.
Seeing her wake up, she pulled her lips slightly. "Wake up?"
Ji Zhao nodded and just found himself hoarse. "What time is it?"
The man lightly replied, "It’s past two o’clock in the afternoon."
JiZhaoWen withdrew on the man’s face line of sight.
Good. The wedding is off.
"Do you like it?"
The man slightly mocked the line tendril and JiZhao once again turned the line of sight back to the man’s body and tilted his lip angle. "What did you say? I don’t understand. "
The man tugged at his lips. "Well, you’d better not understand."
Jizhao didn’t speak and closed his eyes again.
"If you don’t want to hold a wedding, tell me that you will ruin yourself?"
Before she fell asleep, she heard a man’s voice coming. It was very cold.
Slightly pulled pull lips turned his back on the man fell asleep.
When she woke up, she was awakened from a deep sleep by Yan Yecheng. At this time, the sky outside was already dark, and the man helped her up and leaned against his chest.
Ji Zhao felt dizzy for the first time, and the man’s cold line was "I didn’t eat anything for a day and then slept after drinking millet porridge"
Ji Zhao leaned against the man’s chest and replied, "I’m not hungry. I don’t want to eat you. Let me sleep again."
The man didn’t go back to her and picked up the bowl of millet porridge that had been placed on the bedside table. He picked up the spoon and came to her lips.
Jizhao didn’t have the strength to refuse, and he didn’t want to talk to a man. His lips were slightly open and he stuttered, and the man took the millet porridge.
Not long after she went back to bed, she stood up and vomited. After spitting out the millet porridge, she retched several times before she stopped.
Yan Yecheng caressed her back? Sink? Calm face while out to the family doctor broadcast the words in the past, "Dr. Chen, you fucking roll for me. Didn’t you just say that she will get better after an intravenous drip? I just ate a little meal and then I spit it out. Where the fuck is the improvement? "
Ji Zhao’s cold is fierce. It may be that he squeezed a lot of stagnant gas before, and even after taking the former medicine, he kept going.
Yan Yecheng invited almost all good experts, including Chinese medicine and western medicine, to his home.
The doctor asked Yan Yecheng many things about Ji Zhao, and asked if Ji Zhao had received any stimulation recently.
In the end, the doctor came to the conclusion, which probably means that he may be in a bad mood with Ji Zhao, and he may also have a fever that has been bad for a long time.
After listening to the doctor’s words, Yan Yecheng’s face changed greatly. After the doctor left, Yan Yecheng swept everything on the coffee table in the hall to the ground.
In the bedroom, Ji Zhao suddenly woke up after hearing a crisp outside.
Not for a while Yan Ye City came in from the outside, and Ji Zhao looked at the man step by step and walked to his brow, and the rage was not over yet.
She pursed her lips for a long time before she said faintly, "Did you drop something?"
Yan Yecheng stretched out his hand and caressed Ji Zhaochang’s hair as if nothing had happened. "No tea set was accidentally brought down."
Ji Zhao smiled "You are really good" when he released the Buddha.
"Well, maybe I’m worried about you." He hung his eyes and looked at her Adam’s apple rolling for half a ring. "When will you get better? Aren’t you going to mind your brother’s business? "
JiZhao looked at the man with deep eyebrows weak way "my brother? My brother should be sentenced? "
"No, he kept complaining that I found a lawyer for him." He came to the woman’s hot cheek with his big hand and whispered, "Don’t you get better quickly and meet with lawyer Jiyang?"
Ji Zhao looked at the man in surprise. "Did you find a lawyer for him?"
"Yes," Yan Yecheng nodded faintly. "Always give him a chance to wash his innocence."
Ji Zhao pursed his lips and didn’t speak. Yan Yecheng stared at her for half a ring and suddenly smiled. "Do you want me to help Ji Yang clear his name of being a strong woman?"
Ji Zhao didn’t understand the implication in his words. It took him a long time to look at the man calmly and ask, "What do you mean?"
Yan Ye City looked at her with a heavy eye. Word by word, "Ji Zhao, what if I help the victim Ji Yang Ge Shu? Ji Yang ruined her innocence? She’s bent on dying now. What if I help Jiyang clear her name again? Is Ji Zhao worried that Ge Shuzhen committed suicide? "
Jizhaoxiao "Well, if she really dies, I might be relieved …"
Yan Yecheng didn’t seem to hear her clearly. She craned her ears and asked softly, "What did you say, Ji Zhao?"
Ji Zhao lifted his eyes and looked at the man’s lip angle and rolled it up slightly. "I said that Ge Shu is dead and you are bound to regret a generation. Ge Shu may let go of me."