June 29, 2024

"Then we’ll retire for a while." The three spirits said.
"Well, I have to leave Black City as usual first." Blood Moon said.
The voice falls and the blood moon suddenly disappears
-it’s gone
The old man, the green man and the three black snakes looked at each other and were ready to leave.
Gu Qingshan, a flint, suddenly debuted to "kill"
Two swords suddenly fell!
Chapter six hundred and thirteen The frozen secret!
The three-headed black snake was about to leave when she felt a sharp pain.
Two shapes appear around it, each holding a long sword and instantly cutting out thousands of swords.
Three snakeheads make angry sounds respectively.
But it can’t fight back. A thunder force erodes its body and makes it lose control of it.
At the same time, the blood moon has suddenly hung in the sky again.
The old man, the green robe man, also appeared.
"Looking for death!"
Amazing murder rolled in and enveloped the two swords
Two figures will be crushed to pieces in an instant!
But Gu Qingshan mountain girl didn’t stop chopping.
Gu Qingshan waved a sword again and roared.
"True ancient magic-"
Boom ! ! !
The signs are coming in a flash!
Everything is at a standstill around the sky.
The wind has stopped, too
The three black snakes, the old man and the green man all lost their ability to act, and everything fell into a static state with time.
It’s a low countdown.
Only that round of blood moon, green and black, was madly bumping into each other.
"Who is it! How dare you come directly to my evil world? The whole dusty world will not spare you! "
Blood moon roared
No one answered it.
The sound in the depths of the sky continues to count.
But see Gu Qingshan has mountain girl took the sword, and an umbrella appeared behind them to cover them respectively.
Two people suddenly disappear.
Then one after another, the bloody spirits appeared.
The sound continued
The blood moon suddenly burst into a roar and rushed towards the depths of the sky.
At the same time, the bloody world surrounded the three black snakes.
The three-headed black snake still moves.
"Hammer it at this moment!" The bloody giant roared
All the spirits of the world made moves together-
Deep in the sky, the sound continues
The blood moon falls from the sky
Visually, it can be seen that the shock wave blows from the sky and the whole black city is blown away in an instant.
World destruction
All sentient beings are blown away, and even life and death are unknown.
There was a deep laugh in the depths of the sky.
"It’s no wonder that I came to die-six!"