"Don’t worry, there’s a way to make a fortune without paying," said the soldier boy.

June 28, 2024

Gu Qingshan show indeed as expected so color also don’t talk to look at two people.
Moon Shinto said, "The old man gave me and the soldier boy an original, and let us prepare to pull a team to finish this together."
"But the battle is tight," said the soldier boy. "All the people from the front have been sent out. Just now, even the food devil went. We really lack a powerful melee master."
Gu Qingshan looked at two people.
The abilities of soldier boy and luna appeared in his memory.
-although both of them are very strong, they are not suitable for attracting firepower at the top.
"I’m just fine" Gu Qingshan way
Luna drew a gray scroll from behind and said, "You may die in advance, but even if you die, you can’t escape, otherwise we will fail."
"So look down on people?" Gu Qingshan sneer at.
The soldier boy said, "I don’t look down on you, but it’s really dangerous. You should be mentally prepared."
"Come on" Gu Qingshan Road
Luna and soldier boy looked at each other and handed Gu Qingshan the scroll.
"Your Blood" Shinto on the Moon
Gu Qingshan spread the scroll and read "Conclude this Covenant"
He cut his finger and dripped blood on the scroll.
A blood mist rose from the scroll.
The whole scroll becomes clearly visible.
See lines of fine print appear rapidly, showing details.
"Act as soon as the team is established."
"Location: Era Boundary of Asura Yongzhan"
"The goal is to set up a small defensive camp against the chaos of the ages."
"the highest level"
"Join the moon god, soldier boy, king of pain"
Layers of brilliance spread out from the scroll and gradually enveloped the three people.
Gu Qingshan saw the word "Asura" and his heart suddenly stabilized.
The whole world is completely gone.
The darkness around me flies away
"It turns out that we are going to the Ashura world-but what is the eternal chaos?" Gu Qingshan asked
At this time also send soldiers on the way to explain
"-that place is a phase world released by Asura, even if it is numbered in all phase worlds."
"It is said that there is a hidden history of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, and it is thought that asura king must reach the deepest part of the ages to see the real secret of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma." Shinto said.
"Is it dangerous?" Gu Qingshan asked
Luna didn’t answer the phone.
The soldier boy said, "If you can help us finish this, Luna and I will recommend you to join the first column together-isn’t that what you have been longing for for for years?"
In the virtual space, lines of scarlet print jump out.
"Thirty seconds later, we will enter the land of eternal chaos."
"There are a lot of monsters here. You must be prepared for everything."
Gu Qingshan heart suddenly white.
Luna and soldier boy didn’t say anything to weigh their own strength.
Strength is natural enough to live to be their teammates.
If the strength is not enough to die there-
Also died.
The two virtual masters don’t care that he will pat his ass and return to Yuezhen, and by the way, attribute the failure to the painful king.
This is how virtual masters get along.
After a painful return, the king can still get treatment. First, it is finished. Second, it is understandable that he was severely injured by the sacred world.
Gu Qingshan slightly narrowed his eyes and silently prepared.
"We have five seconds to reach our destination."
All the darkness is gone
Gu Qingshan found himself in a new world.
As far as the earth is concerned.
The sky is yellow.
The wilderness is full of monsters.
-is that he has never seen a monster!
Moreover, there is no monster worse than the eternal dreamer in terms of momentum alone.
Gu Qingshan eyes a tight.
I didn’t expect it to be this level of fighting.