More than ten years ago, she also had the illusion that Wang Lei was a soft-hearted generation, but now she knows that this person’s thoughts are closer to the realm of forgetfulness.

June 27, 2024

He is not in love, but in love.
In his eyes, life is like saving more people. If you save more people, you can sacrifice a small number of people without hesitation, and this small number of people are first his enemies and then those who are unwilling to leave with him …
"Is he a saint or a devil?"
Hong Xuanjiao came home with a heavy heart and told her son what happened in Wang Lei today.
"Mom, you think too much. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the headmaster’s offering sacrifices to saints and heartless beings." However, her son looks otherwise. "Dashan is also a feeling of rejuvenation. There are too many people in the army who forget the past and need pain to wake everyone up."
Hong Xuanjiao was surprised to see her child say that Wang Lei is a face of worship. It seems that many people have seen her face and are already very familiar with her. Only then did she remember that this man has been instilling his thoughts and ideas into his students for ten years. He has helped the Taiping Army in times of danger, and he is recognized as the first master in China. He has the identity of "emperor and teacher" and the number of admirers among the young people of the Fuxing Army.
In terms of personal morality, he married Lin Miaoshan’s wife and then went out to live. It was also frugal and self-disciplined, and it was very simple. In terms of private life, he was like a moral perfection.
Even Hong Xuanjiao himself is now an ardent admirer of her, and many people think that he is the savior of China in this era.
"Great goodness is evil!"
Hong Xuanjiao remembered the word, and she sighed and stopped talking.
Although she belongs to the high-level forces of the Fuxing Army, the actual Fuxing Army has been completely controlled by Wang Lei and his wife. This man who claimed to be from the "future" relied on their vision of a whole era. Ten years ago, a large number of admirers were cultivated among the young people of the Fuxing Army, and then they completely controlled the grassroots of the Fuxing Army through these admirers.
Even from the day before yesterday, Wang and Dong Wang couldn’t compete with him at the peak of their prestige. In the past ten years, he smashed the old ideological body in Fuxing District and remolded a new one according to his own ideas. He never claimed to be a god or a god, but in the hearts of the younger generation in Fuxing District, this man is the savior who can bring China out of the darkness. If he asks for a word, several people will be willing to die.
One country as one person, he achieved it in Fuxing District, but his ambition is far more than that …
Wang Lei has become a general trend. Although Hong Xuanjiao doesn’t agree with some of his laws, he knows that he can go with the flow.
Chapter one hundred and ten cheat people pig teammates
Wang Lei’s emissary is a tactic to lure the enemy into depth, expecting Huai to go deep into the revival military territory and panic in one fell swoop.
On the seventh day after the Huai army sent troops, the main force had penetrated into the territory of the Fuxing Army for more than 100 kilometers. The offensive speed of the Huai army was not fast, but Li Hongzhang took the tactic of slowly but surely for cautious reasons.
The main force of the Huai army in the frontal battlefield is like an armed March with soy sauce. The Fuxing Army constantly gives up throwing large areas of cities and towns to the Huai army without resistance, which makes the Huai army more vigilant.
Thirty-one days after Jinan became famous, Li Hongzhang finally got the exact information that the British had come to the battlefield on the same lake. The Fuxing Army had completely defeated the Chu Army in the same lake area. The good English even made a detailed timetable for the "fall" of the main cities in the West Lake area. During this period, the influence of the English people in China was still confined to the coastal areas, but the first thing Wang Lei did with the same lake area was to "protect the residence" of foreign priests in the occupied area. They kept an eye on the Yangtze River waterway, but they adopted a policy of isolation and blockade-they just blocked the Yangtze River shipping for more than a month before releasing it, which led the British to get the exact report of the two lakes region only recently.
At this time, it was clearly revealed how decadent the Qing court army was. It was such an important news that he actually got the exact military intelligence with the help of British allies’ intelligence, but nothing came from the Qing court except urging him to invade.
Afterwards, Li Hongzhang got the news that in order to prevent the Huai army from "shaking the morale of the army", the imperial court deliberately blocked the Chu army’s defeat report.
This is simply a negative example of the standard fucking politics affecting the military.
If it hadn’t been for the English people’s "kindness and timeliness" to send this information, Li Hongzhang would have plunged into it and been pitted by the court to the point of being miserable.
The arrival of this information immediately made Li Hongzhang hesitate and immediately stopped the army.
It never rains but it pours. Li Hongzhang is considering whether to stop here, stick to and consolidate the territory, or take the initiative to give up and retreat. One day, another big bad news comes.
The news was sent by the English.
However, with the "fucking" Qing court, it is with Downing Street in Britain.
The Englishman is off the chain!
Haiying concession
Wade is receive an envoy from that Baath army.
"Ambassador, Britain and China’s Fuxing District have always been close, but this time there will be 20 strong men from Britain who will appear in the camp of Huai Army, the enemy of our Fuxing Army. Does Britain want to fight the Fuxing Army?"