As for Liang Yuan’s decision to tell the truth, there is no determination and heroism of Chinese enterprises to sell iron wafers in a big pot.

June 26, 2024

"But Mr. Jane in the laboratory can rest assured that old Su Kezheng" Liang Yuanxiao pointed to Su Liangyu.
"What do you think of Mr. Liang’s policy changes? Will it go back more than ten years ago? " Jiankang threw a sharper question.
This problem is really tricky. For example, Liang Yuan, a scientist who returned to China in the 1950s, felt quite humbled. He felt that there were still many "reactionary monsters" waiting to be rehabilitated in our country. It was really a thankless task to wipe the official’s ass.
Liang Yuannai said with a wry smile, "I am not qualified to make any guarantee to Mr. Jane in this respect, and I can take some measures to try my best to dispel Mr. Jane’s doubts in this respect."
"Some time ago, I communicated with Lao Su that all research laboratories will be transferred to the name of Hong Kong-funded enterprises this year. At present, the parent company in Hong Kong has been registered and is going through the formalities of entering the country for investment. Therefore, in name, Mr. Jane was a British enterprise worker before Hong Kong’s return, and I am free to go and go."
Liang Yuan sighed and continued, "The country is trying to correct the mistakes it has made. Of course, it is normal for Mr. Jane to have some doubts about organizations with criminal records, but I personally firmly believe that the reform and opening up policy of the Sixth National Congress of the Communist Party of China will not become stable and the economic development environment will not change. There are also many enterprises and individuals who hold similar views with me."
Liang Yuan poured a glass of water to moisten his voice and continued, "As we saw before, Coca-Cola entered the Chinese market as early as the early decade. At that time, I heard from my parents that the salary level in China was less than 10 yuan, and Coca-Cola sold 50 cents a bottle of Coca-Cola. There were only a few places where Coca-Cola was set up in Peiping, and the production vehicles faced great losses every year. But the other day, Coca-Cola announced that it would continue to expand its investment in China. I want to urge Coca-Cola to make a decision to expand its investment. I think this judgment is also suitable for
Liang Yuan looked at Jane Kang thoughtfully and smiled and said, "I once entrusted Lao Su to convey to Mr. Jane the answer to the question of which one of the 20,000 scientists in Bell Laboratories and the founder of the national industry is more challenging in life. I am in no hurry to know, but I personally believe that Mr. Jane will get a broader future in Bibel Laboratories."
For a whole day, Liang Yuan and Jian Kang didn’t go anywhere to Su Liangyu’s office. They talked for a whole day, from enterprises to industries, national policies to a specific technology. It was not until midnight that Liang Yuan left the science park by bus.
The next morning, Liang Yuan and Su Liangyu put Jiankang on a flight to Beiping. After six days of contact, the two sides had a relatively consistent understanding and tacit understanding of China’s political and economic environment and industrial exhibition, but they did not reach an agreement on practical significance.
Watching the slender fuselage of Air China Boeing 737 disappear, Liang Yuan, the far end of the skyline, withdrew his eyes and looked up at the sky with his car. Su Liangyu said with a smile, "No matter what the result is, I finally realized my wish."
"Xiaoyuan doesn’t care about the result at all?" Su Liangyu asked curiously.
"It’s going to rain, Niang is going to marry, and I don’t have any heart. There are really not many men in the world who feel so responsible to Lao Su," Liang Yuan said with a smile.
"It’s really running out to be as good as me." Su Liangyu corrected Liang Yuan with a smile.
"However, Xiaoyuan dug a hole, but last night, Lao Jian and I had a lot of worries about the United States. When Motorola Communication Research Institute of Wei Hui conducted the feasibility verification of the iridium plan, it handed in an evaluation report on the technical risk of the iridium plan, and the results were greatly laughed at by white colleagues in the institute."
"Chinese people are timid and rigid, and they are born to be boring. Basic scientific research is not suitable for projects that require creativity and imagination. I can imagine how those guys will ridicule Wei Hui casually." Su Liangyu continued with a self-deprecating smile. "Xiaoyuan, digging this hole is a touch of the old Jane’s heart."
"In terms of the whole group of Chinese people abroad, everyone has a very difficult life. In the final analysis, the national strength is not good, the waist is not hard, and the farce was born in previous years …" Liang Yuan sighed
"Old Soviet Union, I plan to enter the field of civil low-pressure gas. Now the cash flow of enterprises depends on Suifenhe’s foreign trade, which is a little too thin. It should be much easier to invite this simple owner when our gas market makes a name for itself." It’s all about the white man and Liang Yuan, so Liang Yuan knows that Jiankang has great doubts about his own cash flow. No matter how Chinese and foreign purely trade enterprises engage in technical research, whoever looks at it will feel unreliable.
"Oh into the field of low pressure gas? What new ideas does Xiaoyuan have? " Su Liangyu asked curiously.
Su Liangyu knows Liang Yuan. Since Liang Yuan is so formal, it must be better to find money.
"I’ll show you some immature ideas in a few days," Liang Yuan said.
Su Liangyu nodded. Two men pulled the door and got into the Volga.
"Xiaoyuan, how likely do you think Motorola’s iridium plan will fail?" Zhou Heng asked while moving the car.
After many days of hearing and seeing, Zhou Heng also knew about the Iridium project, and he probably took a strong interest in this seemingly dreamy high-tech
Liang Yuan smiled like a stick and said, "If Motorola tries to make this plan, the probability of failure is over 99%."
"What if you do it?" Zhou Heng asked curiously.
"Of course, the success rate is over 99%." Liang Yuanxiao said.
Note 1: NASA’s comet dust catching project was founded and implemented by Zou Zheyuan, a Chinese scientist, who originally said that you are welcome to come and your support is my greatest motivation.
Thank you for your support. Your support is our greatest motivation.
Chapter 5 New Ideas of Circuit Breaker
After seeing Jiankang off, Liang Yuan didn’t go back to the stream. In memory, Liang Yuan, the gas breaker, decided to go back to the stream when he decided to stay in the 99 residential area for a while, which made his parents jump.
On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Comrade Lao Liang thoroughly implemented the spirit of * * members’ enjoyment before suffering, and didn’t go home until after dark every day. When Liang Yuan received Su Liangyu’s words on the fifth day of the lunar new year, he had to rush to Shengjing. After Liang Yuanxian felt that he was going back to Shengjing to entertain guests, Li Yuanling and Liang Jiangping breathed a sigh of relief.
Looking at his parents with a sense of relief, Liang Yuan is in distress situation. During the rectified period, the whole family gathered less and left more. Although all three people have a guilty conscience, no one has this problem. However, during the Chinese New Year, even dedicated Comrade Liang dared not stay out at night and go home on time before 9 o’clock every day. Li Yuanling has become a good wife and mother, cleaning up the house every day and preparing three meals on time. It seems that she has returned to Xihu Middle School teaching day.
Now Liang Yuanxian broke the tacit understanding. What should the family do? This year is completely over. Li Yuanling returned to Shengjing only one day later than Liang Yuan.
Although the ordinary low-voltage circuit breaker has no high-tech principle, Liang Yuan is familiar with it, but Liang Yuan can’t remember the details of dimensions and specifications. For large-scale industrial production, every design factor and every parameter must be reasonable. If it is changed at random, it is likely to cause difficulties in production technology or lack of production performance.
Therefore, Liang Yuan ordered Qilian Mountain to let Hong Kong Branch buy all the brand low-voltage circuit breakers that can be received in the market, and then send them back to Liang Yuan for reference in restoring past low-voltage circuit breakers.
At present, it has not been acquired by Schneider Gas. The Tianjin-owned factory of France Meilan Rilan Gas Company will be put into operation at the beginning of this summer, and gas giants such as Simon Mitsubishi will enter the country in a big way no later than 9 years, leaving it to Liang Yuanshi.
Liang Yuan, holding a lot of low-voltage circuit breakers, plunged into the great cause of upgrading. For the industry of low-voltage circuit breakers, gas circuit breakers were born in Europe as early as 195 years ago. After so many years of exhibition, the main technical patents of low-voltage circuit breakers have long passed the protection period. At present, the patent protection of low-voltage circuit breakers is mostly medium-and new-type real patents and arc extinguishing technologies. Therefore, Liang Yuan was also worried before dismantling the mainstream low-voltage circuit breakers in the 1900s, fearing that the current mainstream production would coincide with the middle-class structure in his memory.
Liang Yuan breathed a sigh of relief after dismantling the circuit breaker in hand. At present, several small circuit breakers of foreign atmospheric manufacturers still use the multi-longitudinal grid or metal off-grid arc extinguishing scheme to improve the breaking capacity of the circuit breaker. There is no joint response scheme for the mainstream thermistor (P) circuit breaker in the future.
For the circuit breaker, the breaking capacity is an important technical index. When the circuit breaker breaks, the bigger the overcurrent it can bear in a short time, the more it can reflect the quality of the circuit breaker. When the circuit is short-circuited, it will often produce instantaneous high temperature and high voltage to melt the contact and break through the insulator, which will lead to the failure of the circuit breaker and burn the protected equipment.
The joint response scheme of thermistor and circuit breaker is to benefit the P effect of thermistor itself, that is, the resistance will increase linearly with the increase of temperature. When breaking short-circuit current, most of the short-circuit current energy will be broken through thermistor, and a small part of the heat energy will be borne by arc breaking. Combining with the arc extinguishing device of circuit breaker, the burden of circuit breaker can be reduced, and the breaking ability and stability of circuit breaker can be greatly improved.
Liang Yuan naturally didn’t know that the joint application scheme of thermal resistor (P) and circuit breaker in the world was the first time that Jieabb Company, a famous abb gas company in the past, applied thermal resistor to the field of circuit breaker manufacturing and design in the 1990s, which greatly improved the breaking capacity of circuit breakers and reduced the production of circuit breakers into this technology, and made great contributions to the destruction of cities and villages in the field of abb gas and low pressure gas.
At the beginning of the year, abb’s two predecessor companies, Swedish Arcia Company (asea) and Swiss Braun Bofari Company (bb), have not yet merged. This epoch-making technology in the field of circuit breakers has certainly not yet been born.
It’s easy to solve the remaining problems. It’s a temporary ability to adopt high-grade resin P beams, but it’s easy to improve the pit performance and materials in the future by adopting general ceramic process and sintering titanate thermistor at high temperature.
On the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, Liang Yuan watched early and Li Yuanling cooked Yuanxiao before realizing that today is the Lantern Festival.
"Mom, if you don’t cook Yuanxiao, I don’t even know that today is the fifteenth day of the first month." Liang Yuan said while wolfing down Yuanxiao.
"I don’t know what your busy day is. A few days ago, I saw that the administration department sent a big push of plastic parts to the device lab and said it was your decision."
"Brother-in-law was busy producing 25s car bottoms, and the gas engineer had nothing to do, so I organized people and got some gadgets." Liang Yuanxiao said.
After Zhao Tiemin and Liu Zhigao returned to Peiping, they first created the second-phase project of Qinghai-Tibet Railway and gas turbine locomotive public opinion, and then dug up from the archives to support the transfer of gas engineers from the third district and the third line to Liaoning over the years, and applied to find two enterprises with the most application reports to do the pilot project, which reached the goal of setting up the gas turbine locomotive attack team at the core of Shengjing Northeast Locomotive Works. The document emphasized the principle of voluntariness and gave priority to accepting the transfer applications of branch-side engineers back to their hometowns.
The document issued by the Ministry of Railways caused quite a stir the year after last. However, in view of the poor road title of Northeast Locomotive Works in recent years, before the Lunar New Year, everyone was talking about the fact that no engineers had a substantial intention to transfer their jobs. During the New Year, engineers went back to their hometown in Liaoning for the New Year, and then stopped by to see the newly established Northeast Locomotive Works, Xixi and Shengjing. Several people were really moved by the fact that they did not return home. It was very tempting to pay more than twice their current salary.
Just after the end of the year, Shengjing Northeast Locomotive Works successively received more than 10 applications for transfer. Liang Haiping, with a stroke of his pen, approved all of them. As a result, seven or three engineers were afraid that big sleep engineers would arrange for their wives or relatives to go through the transfer formalities in their original units and reported directly to the locomotive works.
Although there was no leader in the device laboratory, Liang Yuan built the laboratory infrastructure. Just when there was a coolie to send the door, Liang Yuan conveniently pulled it to the device laboratory to restore the previous circuit breakers. Although the majors were not quite right, these engineers calculated the load and the road principle, and they could still win anything with a matching scheme.
When Liang Yuan didn’t make such a big enterprise, he liked to pound some hand-made pieces. Li Yuanling didn’t take it to heart after listening and said, "Don’t delay Su Gong’s work. I think the device lab is almost becoming your personal specialty."
Liang Yuan hey hey smiled and didn’t answer. The spoon weighed a Yuanxiao and threw it into his mouth.
"Have Jiajia and Feifei been in Peiping for fifteen years?" Li Yuanling asked.
"Well, Jiajia called me the day before yesterday and said that she might not come back for the fifteenth."
"Mom, when will your gas turbine start running?"
"It will take more than a week to invite you, the boss behind the scenes, to visit the unit when it is ignited," said Li Yuanling cheerfully.
Liang Yuan glanced at his mouth and said, "Don’t go? You and my dad should be on the same side this year. My dad gave me a big red envelope with 100 yuan, saying that when I grow up, the lucky money should also go up. As a result, just after the end of the year, I was moved by it, so I instructed Duan Licai to discuss with my brother-in-law to study the problem of buying cheap fans in 1 yuan. "
"Regardless of the fact that there is no cheap fan, even if there is one, you should consult with Wang Weiguo. It’s sad to consult with your brother-in-law." Liang Yuan put his head on the table and tried to make a sad look.
"It’s necessary not to take part in the gas turbine ignition operation, but mom won’t be as worthless as your dad." Li Yuanling rubbed Liang Yuantou and said with a smile.
While waiting for Zhou Heng to come and meet people, the mother and son chatted casually. Soon the door rang and the security door was beaten.
Li Yuanling looked at Liang Yuan and shook his head and said, "Grandpa Wu and Grandma Liao didn’t say back to Shengjing for the Lantern Festival."
"There’s no one in the living room. Xiaoyuan, this guy must still be sleeping." The feminine girl’s voiceless moment filled the whole room
"It’s not a good girl to speak ill of people behind Feifei’s back, isn’t it?" Liang Yuan can guess which little girl slanders himself with his eyes closed.
Liang Yuan and Yuan-ling Li put bowls and chopsticks into the living room, but now Tang Wan came along with the two little girls.
"Good aunt Ning" Liang Yuan said honestly.
"Small wan you also come back? I heard from Xiaoyuan that you are going to stay in Beiping for the Tenth Five-Year Plan, "said Li Yuanling with some surprises.
"I’m one of the girls who raised Yuanling for nothing. Hurry up and change Xiaoyuan for me." Tang Wan nodded to Liang Yuan and said with a smile.