"No way?"

June 25, 2024

"You underestimate the weasel. His potential is not what you think."
"Ha ha, I remember the skunk as the very mature kid with his brother in his arms. That’s how it feels."
"Perhaps it is for this reason that the skunk has stepped out of the curse of Uchihiro!"
"The curse of Uchihiro?" Watergate heard another new word.
"It’s just that Uchibo has always wanted to rebel, and their own central idea has always looked down on him as a ninja, right?"
"I knew when I was in the village that they had the idea of betraying the village. Is it the ferret who stopped all this?" Watergate is not stupid. I immediately figured out what’s going on here
"Well, Ji is like this, and there are some other things. Oh, by the way, Uchihiro has a water stop besides the ferret brothers. Now I have arranged for three generations of adults to be around to be responsible for the safety of three generations of adults."
"Well, the more you talk about it, the more I want to go back and have a look."
"Me too."
"Then you should hurry up and recover. Wait for us to go to Sha Ren. Oh, by the way, are you going to orochimaru?"
"I won’t go to this base. It’s estimated that it won’t be long before I open it again. I want to rearrange this base."
"What’s the matter? Xiao, did those people find your lair? "
"Well, the Yinren base is not so safe now. I’ve always wanted to change the base. There was no good place before, but now I find this place is not bad."
"But there is no water here. Aren’t you afraid of dying?" Tree mau half-jokingly said
"Although there is really no water on the surface, I can feel that this land is rich in water resources."
"It is true that there is a fairly large moat outside this place. Is it a moat outside the city wall or is it a big river dug manually? It can allow five ships to sail side by side. If it becomes a underground river, there is indeed a fairly rich water resource." Watergate’s considerable understanding of this place directly affirmed orochimaru’s judgment
"Well, it’s up to you. We’ll go to Sha Ren when we rest!"
"By the way, what if we go to Sha Ren and meet that guy Rasa?"
"Rasa, he’s dead. He died at the hand of the guy opposite you."
"Isn’t it? Is Lord orochimaru already so powerful? "
"Ha ha Watergate, so you don’t like Uncle Snake either. Uncle Snake is very powerful!"
"No matter how bad it is, it’s not just a meal you cleaned up. And you haven’t tried your best. "
"Ah little ShiShu so much? Can you fight with me? " Jiusinai became interested as soon as he arrived.
"Ah, ah, ha, ha, forget it." To be continued
Chapter 169
Chapter 169 epoch-making ninjutsu
The next morning.
"Watergate, you make a lot of noise at night?" Orochimaru teased.
"Ah ha ha …" Watergate smiled shyly.
"By the way, where is Shu Mao?"
"He went to the sand last night to endure it. It didn’t take long for you to enter the back room. He went to the sand to endure it. Maybe even nine Sinatra will find him to fight again! After all, he played with Jiu Sinai for so long yesterday afternoon. I guess he was a little afraid of Jiu Sinai. "
"This haha"
"What are you talking about? Where’s uncle Xiao? I didn’t see him when I got up to wash my hair just now. "
"Little Martial Uncle, he went to the sand and endured it. It is estimated that he will come back when things are done. Then we can go back to Konoha together."
"Oh, there’s a shortcut back to Muye Shumao. Wait for him here and he will take you back."
"Actually, I guess he has informed the old man. After you all arrive at Huaguoshan, let the old man channel you out and go directly back to Konoha."
"Well, but …"
"Don’t worry, they often answer Konoha like this. I know it several times."
"Oh, psychics can still be like this?"
"I didn’t know that I had never thought about it before. When Shu Mao left, I left breakfast and went to eat. Shu Mao’s food is the best and more popular than his patience. Now the most popular thing outside is Shu Mao’s food. The five major countries have spread widely, and the ambassadors of the five major countries have gone to Konoha to attend. When you get back to Konoha, you can eat a lot."
"No wonder Kyubi no Youko often asked Naruto to bring him food some time ago. I asked Kyubi no Youko what he ate that guy anyway. I didn’t think much about the fact that I was that guy’s greedy." Jiu Sinai said with a bulging mouth.
"Don’t worry, anyway, we will live with him when we go back, and you can eat whatever you want then."
"That’s right. I won’t mention it for orochimaru’s adult. Let Shu Mao supply you later."
Orochimaru thought it was just now that Shu Mao gave it to the table three times more than those hey hey …
After breakfast, all three people were in a very good mood. Watergate talked and laughed with orochimaru, and Jiu Sinai also intervened from time to time to say that the changes were all about Konoha. Of course, orochimaru knew the situation only.
Therefore, when orochimaru preached to them that Muye has become a sacred place in the hearts of all businessmen, Watergate and Jiu Xinnai were surprised, which also made orochimaru as cold-blooded as a snake. Jiu Xinnai thought that orochimaru was also very talkative.
"This is probably because of Shu Maojun. He avenged me by killing Tuanzang. My resentment against Konoha was much less. Later, in the process of contacting him, I slowly accepted this amazing kid. Later, he became one of my few friends. It is because of him that I am so talkative now."
"I don’t think so? It should be said that you two are very much alike in some ways, and you both have a feeling of meeting your bosom friends, right?
I know that your teacher is a fool, and Gang Shou’s adult is as proud as Uchihiro. Your friendship with your teacher was cultivated by fighting together, and you became friends with Shu Maoshi through verbal communication. This is a world of difference. "
"Well, you’re right. I also have my pride. Watergate, you also have such pride. Our pride is called genius!
I’ve always been an idiot in Jiraiya, but I didn’t expect his apprentice to be a genius who can create Inninjutsu, so I really admire you from the bottom of my heart, because you, like Jiraiya and me, are both civilians, and I think this is also the main reason why Shumao worships you very much.
And if we are geniuses, then Shu Mao is an unprecedented Uber. Do you know what one thing he once talked to me about? Isn’t it surprising that he wants to create Ninjutsu, which is no less than the three-body technique, so that the creation and transfer of Ninjutsu will take the initiative to make Ninjutsu? "
"It is indeed a very grand wish, and it is a very big project."