Qin Mu Ye was quite shocked. What is the origin of this shadow stone? It’s so amazing that even a shadow can be born from scratch.

June 24, 2024

The fact that the other person is a living body is debatable, and the self is naturally life.
"I don’t know if we can detect that every self-proclaimed filmmaker has our compatriots in the human shadow, so that our compatriots can be born smoothly and then nourish themselves with the film industry and finally form themselves."
"We were unconscious when we were enslaved by the shadow."
The mouth of a rhinoceros dead shadow said that these things are not a secret to the dead shadow, and many people know it.
"On whether you kill the filmmaker in the film industry and wait until the filmmaker dies, the film will automatically leave the filmmaker and return to the film industry?" Qin Mu Ye asked again.
The other party nodded. "Yes, the shadow of death will inevitably return to the film industry."
"I just mean, is it possible that if you don’t kill the shadow intentionally, you can still produce the shadow naturally after the shadow dies in Bai Piao, and it won’t earn much more than your previous caesarean section?" Qin Mu Ye thinks that this group of dead shadows grows by hanging up every day. Can someone cultivate a strong shadow?
"That’s not true. If it’s a natural regression, they will be attached to the previous humans. They are traitors!" The rhinoceros’s dead shadow gnashed her teeth and said, Don’t ask Qin Mu Ye how she heard it. Just because the thud is different from the previous frequency, Qin Mu Ye guessed that the other party was expressing anger.
He also came to the conclusion that there seems to be relatives in the film industry who send dead shadows and their strength is not bad.
So it seems that the Yinshan army came here to suppress this group of dead shadows because they were killers.
This makes Qin Mu Ye feel interesting. I didn’t expect that even the wonderful life of death shadow can have a camp. Normal death and death in the film industry will form two completely different death shadows
The Black Hawk doesn’t know anything about it. It’s normal. No one in their right mind will come to a place like the film industry.
"The shadow blame? Why didn’t they do it to me but to the Black Hawk? " Qin Mu Ye asks.
"They are both prey and hunters with us."
After listening to the other party’s explanation, Qin Mu Ye is still aware of the spiritual problem. His shadow has no spiritual nature and is almost like a stone. The shadow monster will not eat stones.
In other words, the film industry is still relatively friendly to ordinary people and less worried about being killed by inexplicable things.
"There is another question, that is, why did the Black Hawk destroy his shadow and suddenly die on the spot?"
"Shadowmakers are shadows and shadows are people, and even if they don’t have self and spiritual wisdom, they can’t change this."
"It’s really interesting to reverse each other."
Qin Mu Ye asks a question and the other party answers a question. It seems that this group of dead shadows know a lot.
It’s like there’s an organization behind it
"What if the dead shadow and the shadow monster leave the film world?" Qin Mu Ye was very curious and asked.
"It won’t be like that."
This answer is somewhat unexpected to him. This group of dead shadows and shadow monsters are born after their separation, but it seems to be white when they really think about it.
At this time, Qin Mu Ye suddenly reacted to one thing, that is, the famine in ancient books was not the famine, but the group of hungry dead shadows or shadow monsters rushing out to hunt shadows caused a bad influence, which led to that crackdown
"The last question is what is the shadow stone?" Qin Mu Ye is quite curious about this thing.
Judging from the records, there were quite a few filmmakers in ancient times, and they could be placed in various villages and towns, just like the Yinshan army Qin Mu Ye pieced together according to various clues. At the peak of ancient history, there were at least 100,000 people, that is, 100,000 filmmakers.
However, there are not only Yinshan troops in it, but also many dynasty official institutions, where a large number of shadows rule, but they have been deleted for various reasons.
And even now, this is the case. The Black Hawk case can actually pick up the shadow stone.
The price of shadow stone is not cheap, which is mysterious, but it is also for the filmmakers at the bottom.
So Qin Mu Ye doubted how this thing came to have such a large output but it was rare.
"It’s the film industry"
"The film industry?" The other party answered some questions that surprised Qin Mu Ye. He was some kind of mineral or special technology. He thought of dead shadows and strange raw materials, but he didn’t expect it to be the film industry.