"One more thing to do is not to let China people kill foreigners." Dragonfly added that this ship is going to be done by foreigners. Who will you follow? And immediately startle him.

June 23, 2024

"No, this foreigner is a first-class pirate after all." Wu Xin was surprised. "I’m worried that China people will be killed by them. We won’t even do it if we don’t do it."
"Bullshit, this leading black cat is proud of Lianyun’s first confidant. The captain of the ship had better be equipped and the best personnel have sent them a class of 3K. Isn’t there a time to plot against Lianyun? The black cat took the ship to resist five ships and finally killed two anti-pursuit 3Ks. I heard that the black cat had ten percent of durability left, and just chased a durable 3k ship to hang. "
"You can’t see that she is so fierce." Wu Xin was even more surprised that golden island didn’t behave well, but she was a little arrogant. Of course, female fierceness is not necessarily a derogatory term that includes personality, cuteness and so on. Of course, men who want to be beautiful before are mostly half-length thinking.
Friends interjected, "I heard that the black cat is a strange thing in the proud war department. At first, it was very inconspicuous and not the backbone of the proud war, but it was strange that the proud war Lianyun appreciated her very much. She introduced many good players to her ship, which made the proud warriors even less think that these good players were purely arrogant to the proud war Lianyun, but after half a month, they were very angry with the black cat. This ship can be said to be a proud war Lianyun royal beater ship."
Dragonfly asked, "Is there any way not to let them conflict? Black cats don’t bother to start, which means that they have slowly arranged the battle formation and seem to want to kill the gang. "
"I got it!" Wu Xin’s short message "Black cat, black cat, I am wasted, I am wasted"
"Fart quickly!"
"Do you believe me?"
"What do you say?"
"How do you this attitude! I kindly told every friend that Tuvanu has a weapons upgrade plan. "
Black cat is one leng message tone ease "I’m sorry, thank you, but I already know the news"
"Do you know that there is a quota for upgrading?"
"How do you know?" Black cat doubts
"The buddy who posted the post was my former captain Carmen’s brother. How could I not know?" Wu Xin sent another short message in a row. "You’re not so unreasonable as Tuvanu, are you?"
"Haha, I can’t believe it!" The black cat waved, "There is a quota for the upgrade, so don’t be caught in the waves."
“?” When a group of foreigners saw the tension, China people suddenly trotted away and lost their shadows, and they were very puzzled! However, they don’t like to rock the boat, so the captain greeted everyone and went to the upgrade place for a last look. No wonder China people came to grab the upgrade!
"It turned out to be false news!" The woman who took two bundles of toilet paper was very angry outside the "weapon upgrade". "It’s an official sales promotion." A sign beside her said that you can get a beautiful gift for buying two mineral waters.
The foreigners who spoke were so angry that they couldn’t get away from watching the foreigners’ footsteps seem to be in a hurry. A buddy said, "The cat is not right. Why are these foreigners so hot that they don’t even take the roll paper?"
"It’s a bit strange!" The black cat was wondering that a China woman jumped from the second floor with a bow in her arms and ran to the dock. Another foreigner jumped from the wing and ran to the dock. The black cat wondered, "What happened? Why is it so weird? Does anyone have a reasonable explanation? "
A buddy said, "I didn’t explain it, but I know the name of the China female player."
"Dragonfly … Nautical star looks at the hand star!" Another pig’s eyes are peach blossoms
"Look at your promise." The black cat looked down and asked, "Are dragonflies afraid of dragonflies?"
"I knew that little guy couldn’t be so kind as to let me get toilet paper all the way!" The black cat waved angrily and led everyone to the dock, and then stopped suddenly near the dock.
"Sister Cat?"
"Is there an armor here?" Black cat is a little not sure to ask.
"Yes!" Everyone was surprised, "So unified things can also be stolen?"
The black cat’s wry smile was tricked again or benefited once. The most depressing thing is that he didn’t know how to be benefited, so he was benefited. "Shepherd, you dirty dog" scolded first.
"Oh, isn’t this Sister Cat?" Wu Xin speaks like a black cat crew. "By the way, what did you feel when you just touched my thigh? I remember you touching the part as if it were close to the root. "
"Ha ha! Sister cat lives in the same place. We are lovers, but don’t be so impatient to touch the wrong place. "
"Go to hell" The black cat was very unwilling to shout out the ungrammatical words "Don’t fall into my hands, you want to look good" after hanging up his teeth, and then think that the part he just knocked on was really close to the embarrassing part and blushed.
The black cat hull wondered what happened today. Who can connect these plots and guess a story outline?
Chapter one hundred and sixty Each has his own needs
Since it is a country, it is naturally impossible to have one city and three islands, but the islands are relatively small. There is a small island in Wahuoshan Island and Tuwanu Island, and there is an active volcano called Wuxin and Dragonfly in this mountain.
After the success of the tail, I vaguely found a large formation of ships, so Wei and the screws immediately stopped moving forward and put the ship on the famous island as a cover. Wei released the dinghy dragonfly and Wu Xin landed on the dragonfly, naturally to observe the enemy’s situation, while Wu Xin was the escort.
From one side of the island to the other, it took them fifteen minutes to get to the edge of the cliff, and the dragonfly set up a sight, so it could have a panoramic view of seven nautical miles because of its high terrain.
Wu Xin didn’t have a lookout or a telescope. Of course, it was strange that this place was scarce when he was blind to dragonflies and eating beef jerky and drinking beer. Or they came all the way to see a magic baby without going through the den and didn’t meet anything.
Dragonfly report "Found seven ships in Mifune, Russian and four ships in English … hmm? The reaper’s boss, the reaper, doesn’t. His seven ships seem to be in combat formation. "